jannine koch



Heinrich Vogeler. The New Human – Dawn of a New Age?

This part of the exhibition translates Vogeler's political and social commitment to our present day. Far-away countries are easier to reach, our everyday life is made easier or changed by technical innovations, and at the same time the climate crisis raises fundamental questions about our current lifestyle. The world has changed in the 80 years since Vogeler's death. Nevertheless, the thoughts, ideals and themes of this forward-looking life-artist have lost none of their relevance. 104 years after Vogeler wrote The Fable of the dear Lord, the demands he addressed to the Kaiser are just as meaningful. Today they would perhaps be worded more like: Act instead of just talking, show consideration instead of seeking success at all costs, be honest instead of scheming, and don't just criticize, but be part of the solution.

The participating artists are: Anna Artaker und Meike S. Gleim, Florian Aschka und Larissa Kopp, Thomas Behling, Sylvie Boisseau und Frank Westermeyer, Alessandro Cemolin, Clément Cogitore, Sokari Douglas Camp, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Julia Faber, Kristian von Hornsleth, Jannine Koch, Luise Marchand, Arthur Metz, mischer’traxler, Mwangi Hutter, OMA, Oliver Ressler, Yara Said and Jakob Wirth.

March 27 - November 11, 2022 // Große Kunstschau, Worpswede